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I'm working on extending an existing USB device driver, and have been struggling learn how the .INF file works. I believe that I have it right now, the driver installs and works. It also shows up in the "Add/Remove Programs" list.

I find that when I uninstall the driver from Add/Remove, it seems to do little if anything. This was in the .INF as I inherited it:

DelReg = myDelReg

HKLM, "SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Uninstall\myName"

I can find no other references, not even where "myName" is installed in the registry Uninstall.

I've changed the .INF to have this:


DelFiles = ... a list of files ...
DelDirs  = UNINST.Dirs
DelReg   = UNINST.Regs
Cleanup  = 1



[myDev.AddReg]      ; same definition used for installing

[myDev,CommonRegs]  ; same definition used for installing
HKR, Parameters, BufferSize, 0x0010001, 256

Still, whether I uninstall from the Control Panel Add/Remove programs or do it from the device manager, the system doesn't complain and nothing seems to happen. I've looked at the output of "dpinst /c" and the setupapi.log, and neither tell me much. dpinst shows no error but is clearly not even trying to execute my uninstall section.

I find a lot of verbiage online and examples of uninstall sections, but very little in the way of explanation. I did stumble across one sentence in 1 forum today that implied that PnP device .INF's don't use Uninstall. Perhaps this is my issue?

  1. am I wrong in thinking that I can have Uninstall in this .INF?
  2. is there some other way to tell what is happening?
  3. is my only recourse to write a separate uninstaller?
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AFIK, the INF files do not participate in uninstallation.

You will need to write a separate uninstaller if you want to perform proper cleanup.

Further note that with Vista and beyond, Windows also includes a Driver Store, where it silently copies the driver package (inf and files references from the inf). If you want to perform a full cleanup, the driver store should also be cleaned up.

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