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I'm trying to create a custom attribute validation for a webform projects.

I already can get all properties from my class, but now i don't know how to filter them and just get the properties that has some attribute.

For example:

PropertyInfo[] fields = myClass.GetType().GetProperties();

This will return me all the properties. But how can i just return the properties using a attribute like "testAttribute", for example?

I've already searched about this but after a few time trying to solve this i decided to ask here.

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fields.Where(pi => pi.GetCustomAttributes(typeof(TestAttribute), false).Length > 0)

See documentation for GetCustomAttributes().

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Thank you. I've tried to use the GetCostumAttributes, but i wasn't making the Lenght > 0 condition. You solved it mate ;) –  Guilherme Cardoso May 9 '11 at 23:14

You can use


and simplify expression

    fields.Where(x => x.GetCustomAttributes(typeof(TestAttribute), false).Any())
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Use Attribute.IsDefined:

PropertyInfo[] fields = myClass.GetType().GetProperties()
    .Where(x => Attribute.IsDefined(x, typeof(TestAttribute), false))
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This is a better answer: no need to count when we just need an existence check. –  Askolein Mar 25 '13 at 11:34

You probably want the GetCustomAttributes method of MemberInfo. If you are looking specifically for say, TestAttribute, you can use:

foreach (var propInfo in fields) {
    if (propInfo.GetCustomAttributes(typeof(TestAttribute), false).Count() > 0) {
        // Do some stuff...

Or if you just need to get them all:

var testAttributes = fields.Where(x => x.GetCustomAttributes(typeof(TestAttribute), false).Count() > 0);
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Use Any() instead of Count() > 0 –  Niall Connaughton Mar 25 '14 at 1:06

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