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Is there a way to change all occurrences of a specific color in a text in LibreOffice or Openoffice?

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yes: With cursor in the find box:

  • hit "more options" in the Search & Replace dialogue;
  • click on "Format...";
  • select "Font effects";
  • select the color to search for;

Repeat the same for the replace box, selecting the desired new color (or "Automatic" to reset it to the default).

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would be nice if this was extendable for table-border-colours, too. any ideas? (other than moving to TeX, which I'm in the process of doing anyway...) –  nutty about natty Jun 20 '13 at 13:46

Here at pp 19-20 it is written how to do it with AltSearch extension. The benefits of using AltSearch - are

  • the nice GUI
  • possibility to write scripts
  • possibility to bind such a script to key

It's all can found in the pp 19-20 in the above link.

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