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I am trying to mount a PC on unix. I found a software called "mount" and I edited the unix /etc/exports file to recognize the PC ip (or dns name).

I perfrom mount, and it is ok. I don't even have to specify a password. But, occasionally the mount stops working and I have to re-mount again.

I was wondering two things: 1. Can I use "net use" command to mount (without specifying the username and password for the unix - given the /etc/exports recognizes the mounting PC)?

  1. Whether I use the mount or "net use", they require me to set a drive letter for the NFS directory. Is there anyway instead to write some java code instead of both "mount"/"net use" to access my remote dir (again, given the /etc/exports recognizes the PC from which the java is run).

Thank you very much.

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If you are using the Microsoft-provided Windows NFS client it does handle UNC style paths to NFS exports, that is in the format \\unix_server\export\path. This would allow you to access the NFS files without mounting a drive letter. There is a limitation with this NFS client and UNC paths however, which is multipart exports are not supported. See this link for details.

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