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I'm a serious problem :D...I'm trying do some tutorials about node and express and with last one I'm get a error, the tutorial I'm trying to do is it

and the error is it

when I use req.param('title') I always get a big undefined and it is saved inside my couchdb, I debug this and...I'm pretty sure the error is inside my request param, obviously my view has a input field named title I've tried req.body('title') and req.param.title and I get the same "error"

I'm using the latest release for express and node...and I change bodyDecoder for bodyParse..I'm using jade for template my views...'/blog/new', function(req,res){{ title: req.param('title'), body: req.param('body') }, function(error, docs) { res.redirect('/') }); });

what can I do??...thanks everybody for read and for the help...

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make sure to use the body parser


Then get your title using req.body.title

title is a property of body. body is not a method.

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man did i waste allot of time one this!!Thanks! – Harry Jul 7 '12 at 12:14

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