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I am trying to render a search results page in tabbed layout (with categories as tabs). How can I make sure the tab order to be Products, Articles and Videos? Right now it always prints alphabetical (coz of orderby method I suppose). I am quite new to creating custom sorts/comparison. Thank you!

protected void ResultsRedendering(List<Item> searchResult)
        _searchResults = searchResult.GroupBy(i => i.TemplateName).OrderBy(p=>p.Key).ToList();
        _searchResults.RemoveAll(i => i.Key != "Product" && i.Key != "Article" && i.Key != "Video");
        rptResultTab.DataSource = _searchResults;

This is how my item template renders each tab...

            <li><a href="#<%#((IGrouping<string , Item>)Container.DataItem).Key %>">
                <%#((IGrouping<string, Item>)Container.DataItem).Key)%></a></li>

Also, _searchResult is of type List<IGrouping<string,Item>>

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while maybe not 100% optimal this should work.

 protected void ResultsRedendering(List<Item> searchResult)
                var _searchResults = searchResult
                 .OrderBy(o => o.Key == "Product" ? 1 : o.Key== "Article" ? 2 : 3});
                var rptResultTab.DataSource = _searchResults;
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Hi Rob, the _searchResult object is of type List<IGrouping<string,Item>> and its complaining when I try to use your logic. Also if I cast it to List<IGrouping<string,Item>>, it blows up at runtime complaining it could not cast. –  xoail May 10 '11 at 17:44
your answer gave me direction to get it working... thank you... this is what I did finally... <code>_searchResults = searchResult.GroupBy(i => i.TemplateName).OrderBy(o => o.Key == "Product" ? 1 : o.Key == "Article" ? 2 : 3).ToList();</code> –  xoail May 11 '11 at 0:46

You can make separate lists of the categories to make them a little easier to work with:

var products = searchResult.Where(sr => sr.Key == "Product");
var articles = searchResult.Where(sr => sr.Key == "Article");
var videos = searchResult.Where(sr => sr.Key == "Video");

It's unclear to me how you have your DataBinding setup exactly, so this is all I can really recommend right now. If you add some more information I might be able to help further.

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Thank you for suggesting this, I just edited my question with more details. Wondering if there is any other way out other than creating 3 different collections. –  xoail May 10 '11 at 17:42

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