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I'm trying to make a macro for OpenOffice Calc that will toggle the background color of cells containing a user-specified value. Since I don't know OpenOffice Basic and have no desire to learn it, I'd like to write my macro in Python.

The trouble is, I can't find any useful documentation on how to write Python macros. From the reading I've done, it appears that I can't set up a dynamic environment from where I can examine the appropriate object(s) themselves, so I'll have to rely solely on documentation. Where can I learn how to write my macro?


I already know about "Python as a Macro Language," but it only answers where to put Python files. It says nothing about the API, how to search for and modify cells, etc.

In addition, there's no information about XSCRIPTCONTEXT, which OOo apparently provides as a global variable. Since I can't run interactively, I can't really interrogate that variable to learn about it.


I've found a number of pages that give bits and pieces of info, but they're either terribly incomplete or they assume a comprehensive pre-existing knowledge of the UNO API. So far, I haven't found anything useful. I simply don't have the time to try to learn the entire API just so I can understand one portion of it--especially since I'd have to learn C++ just so I could understand the syntax used in the documentation.

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You can try this link, it appears to be a complete set of documentation.


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Thanks for your reply. I'd already read that document. It mentions XSCRIPTCONTEXT, but it doesn't give any details. Further, it doesn't say which module it comes from. Thus, I have no way to know how to use XSCRIPTCONTEXT. Your link is anything but complete as it answers only where to put the file. –  Scott Severance May 10 '11 at 1:18
StackExchange is not a substitute for Google. I just searched for XSCRIPTCONTEXT and found some good info. –  Michael Dillon May 10 '11 at 7:22
@Michael Dillon: It's amazing that Google searches are required instead of navigating the OOo pages themselves. At any rate, don't confuse info with good info. All I've learned from Google is that other people besides myself find the documentation to be horrible. I'm no closer to solving my problem. Yes, there's info, but it assumes a pre-existing intimate knowledge of the API. –  Scott Severance May 10 '11 at 8:21
If you want to write easy OOo macros then use VBA. If you want to write Python code that runs in an OOo context, then use Google and be prepared to climb a learning curve. Read lots of examples. Another tip for googling Python stuff is to include the keyword "import" when you want to find code examples. Try "import XSCRIPTCONTEXT" on google (without the quotes). –  Michael Dillon May 10 '11 at 14:59

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