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I want to create static web pages in my App - T&Cs, About, Privacy etc... I could just create blank pages and put them in the public folder and put 'href' links to them. Is this considered best practice? or should I use rails g controller for each of them? What's the difference...

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Oftentimes I will make a site controller that has actions for each of the public pages, assuming there isn't going to be a ton of content on the public side. If there was more, I would look into some kind of CMS. Anyway, create a site controller, and then create routes and templates for each of the pages you need. That way you'll be able to use a layout, and use Rails helpers if you need them.

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HighVoltage is a gem that helps out with exactly what you're taking about:


It makes it really easy to handle these scenarios. From the docs:

Write your static pages and put them in the RAILS_ROOT/app/views/pages directory.

$ mkdir app/views/pages
$ touch app/views/pages/about.html.erb

After putting something interesting there, you can link to it from anywhere in your app with:

link_to "About", page_path("about")

This will also work, if you like the more explicit style:

link_to "About", page_path(:id => "about")
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Sure, you can just create about.html, etc and put them into the public folder. If it's just a completely static web page, then the controller adds no value. Subdirectories also work just fine in the public folder, as you would expect.

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I solved it by using this awesome GEM https://github.com/thoughtbot/high_voltage

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Just dawned me that this should actually be quite easy, hopefully, think this through:

Create a route like for example:

match '/about' => "static#about"  

~ then create a simple controller, in this case app/controllers/static_controller.rb

class StaticController < ApplicationController
  respond_to :html
  def about
    # nuttin

~ now all we need is a view: ( /app/views/static/about.html.erb )



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forgot I wrote this and came here to help myself :] –  flunder Nov 27 '12 at 15:07

Create static page 'home'

$ rails generate controller Pages home

A new controller 'pages' is added with action 'home'. A new route is inserted into 'config/routes.rb'

# config/routes.rb
get "pages/home"

To generate a link to page 'Home'

<%= link_to "Home", :controller => "pages", :action => "home" %>
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