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I am new to Objective-C and Cocoa and I am trying my way through some tutorials with some success. One task is troubling me. I am trying to create a root view controller that is a navigation controller as given by this tutorial:

On the second page that is pushed I would like the option to load a subview that is a TabBarController. Is this within iOS view guidelines. Is this possible? If so, could someone give some code snippets and explain necessary instantiations and connections in IB? Your help is appreciated in advance!

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No, you should not push a UITabBarController to a UINavigationController stack.

Perhaps tell us what you're trying to accomplish and someone can suggest an alternative.

From Apple's View Controller Programming Guide - Tab Bar Controllers:

Note: Although a navigation controller can be embedded inside a tab, the reverse is not true. Presenting a tab bar interface from within a navigation interface is potentially confusing for users. A navigation interface uses one or more custom view controllers to present an interface focused on one goal, which is usually the management of a specific type of data. By contrast, the tabs of a tab bar interface can reflect completely different purposes in an application and need not be related in any way. In addition, pushing a tab bar controller on a navigation stack would cause the tabs to be displayed for that screen only and not for any others.

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I cannot answer your question directly, but in my app I have a UITabBarController which displays multiple UINavigationControllers and other types of controllers. So I think you may have it the wrong way around. In other words, create a project which uses a UITabbarController as the base controller and when you select a tab, load up the corresponding UINavigationController (or other type of controller) as necessary.

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