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I have a method that attempts to connect. I'm currently testing connection failure. If it fails, the user is offered a retry button. If I press it, m_tcpSocket.ConnectAsync(m_connectArgs); is called again, but I never get a callback.

However, if I put a breakpoint at the ConnectAsync call, the callback will occur.

Is there some cleanup I need to explicitly do that is done automatically when a breakpoint is hit in visual studio?

Thank you.


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The Completed event on the SocketAsyncEventArgs is not always called. You sould check the boolean return value of your call to ConnectAsync.

A false value indicates that the connection request has completed synchronously, the properties on the SocketAsyncEventArgs will be ready for inspection and the Completed event will not fire.

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What would cause it to complete synchronously? The method is named ConnectAsync, implying it should happen asynchronously. – Nikhil May 11 '11 at 12:49
@Nikhil: It may be called ConnectAsync but its clearly capable of completing synchronously as well, if your code doesn't account for that it could well fail in real world use. What would cause it complete synchronously? I don't know the documentation doesn't say and I don't know enough about networking internals to even guess. – AnthonyWJones May 12 '11 at 7:52

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