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I just installed Uglify.js and tried to use it to rebuild CoffeeScript, but keep getting this error. This happens when I type "cake build:browser" in the CoffeeScript directory. (I want to try my hand at modifying the CoffeeScript language.)

My Uglify.js was cloned from GitHub and the symbolic link was created in .node_libraries. Uglify is installed correctly, confirmed since it runs properly in Node and through the command line. So maybe this is a CoffeeScript problem.


                        return options.defines[name];
TypeError: Cannot read property 'Array' of undefined
    at get_define (/Users/myuser/projects/UglifyJS/lib/process.js:475:47)
    at Array.<anonymous> (/Users/myuser/projects/UglifyJS/lib/process.js:527:32)
    at walk (/Users/myuser/projects/UglifyJS/lib/process.js:215:47)
    at Array.<anonymous> (/Users/myuser/projects/UglifyJS/lib/process.js:164:59)
    at walk (/Users/myuser/projects/UglifyJS/lib/process.js:220:36)
    at Array.<anonymous> (/Users/myuser/projects/UglifyJS/lib/process.js:146:43)
    at walk (/Users/myuser/projects/UglifyJS/lib/process.js:220:36)
    at /Users/myuser/projects/UglifyJS/lib/process.js:1643:37
    at Array._block (/Users/myuser/projects/UglifyJS/lib/process.js:81:34)
    at walk (/Users/myuser/projects/UglifyJS/lib/process.js:220:36)
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I dunno, I'd say it's working fine. That looks pretty ugly to me. –  zyklus May 10 '11 at 4:39
Hahaha, good point cwolves. I'm going to clarify the question a little since UglifyJS is working, but it's not working properly with how I'm trying to use it... –  Geoff May 10 '11 at 5:11
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OK, I was able to replicate this. But why are you cloning the UglifyJS repo? If you just do npm install uglify-js to install to the local node-modules directory (with npm 1.x), everything runs fine.

Similar issue: https://github.com/mishoo/UglifyJS/issues/140

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I figured cloning it and setting up symlinks would work just as well as using npm, but apparently not. Yesterday, as a work around, I switched to the Google Closure Compiler, but today, from your hint, I just deleted what I had of uglify-js and reinstalled via npm, and it seems to work. If anyone reads this in the future, just delete UglifyJS and reinstall via npm. –  Geoff May 11 '11 at 4:56
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