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In Rails, what is the best strategy to restarting app servers like Thin after a code deployment through a Capistrano script. I would like to be able to deploy code to production servers without fearing that a user might see the 500.html page.

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Unicorn is supposed to have rolling restarts built in. I have not setup a unicorn stack yet but http://sirupsen.com/setting-up-unicorn-with-nginx/ looks like a good start.

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I heard good things about Unicorn, I'll look into it. Thanks –  Jhony Fung May 10 '11 at 14:33
Apache + Passenger combo is not a complete solution for rolling restarts. You will notice a delay in response time when the passenger instances are restarting. Unicorn instances do not start taking request until they are ready which means your users should not even experience a delay. –  Paul Nicholson May 10 '11 at 16:32

I found this question while looking for an answer. Because I wanted to stick with Thin, none of the answers here suited my needs. This fixed it for me:

thin restart -e production --servers 3 --onebyone --wait 30

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The way I used to do the production servers are with apache and passenger. thats a industry standard setup and will allow you to deploy new versions with out a down time

Once everything is correctly setup all you have to do is, go to app directory

create a file called restart.txt in /tmp dir.

Ex: touch tmp/restart.txt

read more here http://www.modrails.com/






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Seems like a great built in feature for passenger. Too bad I am currently running Thin/Nginx combo –  Jhony Fung May 10 '11 at 14:32

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