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I want to fetch default gateway for local machine using java. I know how to get it by executing dos or shell commands, but is there any another way to fetch? Also need to fetch primary and secondary dns ip.

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There is not an easy way to do this. You'll have to call local system commands and parse the output, or read configuration files or the registry. There is no platform independent way that I'm aware of to make this work - you'll have to code for linux, mac and windows if you want to run on all of them.

See How can I determine the IP of my router/gateway in Java?

That covers the gateway, and you could use ifconfig or ipconfig as well to get this. For DNS info, you'll have to call a different system command such as ipconfig on Windows or parse /etc/resolv.conf on Linux or mac.

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There is currently no standard interface in Java to obtain the default gateway or the DNS server addresses. You will need a shell command.

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My way is:

try(DatagramSocket s=new DatagramSocket())
    s.connect(InetAddress.getByAddress(new byte[]{1,1,1,1}), 0);
    return NetworkInterface.getByInetAddress(s.getLocalAddress()).getHardwareAddress();

Because of using datagram (UDP), it isn't connecting anywhere, so port number may be meaningless and remote address ( needn't be reachable, just routable.

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