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I want to only compare the nodes of two xml files but not the value of the nodes using c#. If the node format in two files are not same then it should pop-up a message..

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I will use Linq to XML :

XDocument doc = XDocument.Parse(data);

var list = doc.DescendantNodes().Where(i => i is XElement);

and then use this to compare :

foreach (var item in list)


if (((XElement)item).Name.LocalName == propert.Name)

but your final implementation should check number of nodes and other issues

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        XDocument file1 = XDocument.Load("somefile1.xml");
        XDocument file2 = XDocument.Load("somefile2.xml");
        if (file1.Nodes().Intersect(file2.Nodes()).Count() > 0)
        MessageBox.Show("hey i popped up");

Hope this helps...

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it is getting the whole element data but it does not compare the file with element name, it is comparing the whole element data.. –  kawadw May 10 '11 at 8:02

Assuming that by "node format" you mean elements & their names, this will walk the element tree and compare the names:

void Main()
    XElement thing = new XElement("test",  new XElement("child") );
    XElement otherThing = new XElement("test",  new XElement("child") );

    var comparer = new XElementComparer();
    var areSame = comparer.Equals(thing, otherThing);


class XElementComparer : IEqualityComparer<XElement>
    public bool Equals(XElement first, XElement second)
        if (first.Name != second.Name)
            return false;
        else if (!first.Elements().SequenceEqual(second.Elements(), this))
            return false;
            return true;

    public int GetHashCode(XElement element) { return element.GetHashCode(); }
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