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I would like to display my photo albums and photos that are in FB on my own website. However everything I have tried requires an access token that I seem to only get if I login to FB. I don't want visitors to my site to have to login to FB to see my photos.

Is there a way to get this data and not require a login? I want to pull data from my own FB account. Or is there a different way to authenticate my access behind the scenes so visitors don't have to login, to see my photos?

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Facebook has recently launched a way to share the album with public without having to Signin. Every album will have link below this key word Share this album with anyone by sending them this public link. Take a look at this HOW TO for more information.

EDIT: However, for embedding refer this SO which explains how to grant permanent access to your photo albums

Another option is using 8 photo restricted Facebook Photo Badge

Showzey seems to be working on liberating your photos and provides widgets.

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i got the library files from github.com/facebook/connect-js. Still I cannot get the Albums and Photos from the facebook to display it in my website.. I want to photo and comment of the currectly logged in user of the facebook. I need to Do The same functionaliy described in the following link. flavors.me/websolusionz . If You see this page then you can find how the photos and comments are displayed. – ananth May 10 '11 at 8:02
The how to link is broken for me. – Fuhrmanator Nov 14 '12 at 3:34
Facebook Badge will restrict you to 8 photos. You can try the Famax plugin to embed all Albums and Photos etc. on your website. – Patrick Apr 6 '15 at 9:18

Facebook has a badges page that has different options for embedding Facebook content onto your site. The photo badge should fit your criteria.

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Photo Badge would restrict you to 8 photos. – Pravin May 10 '11 at 5:53
Yes - that is Facebook's limitation. Otherwise you are better off posting photos to a different site like Picasa or Flickr to embed them. – bkaid May 10 '11 at 5:57
i want to show the face book photo for the session user, like the functionality in the following link. flavors.me/websolusionz#e23/facebook2 – ananth May 10 '11 at 6:35

May be this method could help you guys.

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You can do it through a public fan page or a business page.

I put this script together a while back: http://roughgiraffed.com/FBalbum/. Working on a more legit version - will post when complete.

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You can combine galleria (open source javascript image gallery framework) with a plug-in to integrate with facebook.

You can find the links bellow:



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I have developed a script which pulls Facebook albums from a Facebook page and displays them on a web-page. The albums are then displayed using the Facebook Galleria plugin.

For more info: http://kevinp93.com/blog/facebook-images-on-website/

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I'm using this very nice plugin for Joomla. Take a look.

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