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I have a string like below

Original string  : results

1apple23oranges  : 1 , 23

4apples1oranges  : 4, 1

25oranges        : 25

By regular expression or any, i can't figure out how to get the above results as pure digits in javascript.

Any idea pls?

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Use the regular expression \d+, which means any digit from 0 to 9 (\d) repeated one or more times (+). The qualifier g will make the search global (ie: don't stop on the first hit).

resultArray = original.match(/\d+/g);

This will result an array with all the numbers, to join them using ", " a separator, use the function join()

resultString = original.match(/\d+/g).join(", ");
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+1, Clear solution – diEcho May 10 '11 at 7:04

Use match function on your string object with expression .match(/\d+/g).

Eg. var a = "1apple23oranges"

 var res = a.match(/\d+/g)

You can separate each values by comma.

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Try "1apple23oranges".match(/(\d+)/g);

Note: If you need the digits as integer value then you have to use parseInt for that. If you are using jQuery then you can have all the integers in an array

var arr = new Array(); 
$.each("1apple23oranges".match(/(\d+)/g), function(index, value){ arr.push(parseInt(value, 10));});
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