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I use this code to load an image into matlab axes in gui :

[FileName,PathName] = uigetfile('*.jpg','PLease select an image');

rgb = imread(strcat(PathName,FileName));

my problem is that when i load the image the axes automatically resizes to the image size , any way to stop this ? "i googled alot" !

and when it comes to big images (like 1 MB) it takes about 30 seconds to load and display it !!! any workaround for faster loading ?

i want to make edge detection for the loaded image and display it in second axes , any sources/code to do it ?

am a beginner in matlap can you please help ?

Thanks .

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If you set the axes limits using xlim() and ylim() matlab will set the 'XLimMode' and 'YLimMode' properties of the axes to 'manual' so the limits will not change later.

hold all;
xlim([1 2.5]);
ylim([3 4]);
plot([1 2], [3 4]);
plot([2 3], [3 4]);

For edge detection, take a look at the matlab help in the Image Processing Toolbox to get started.

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