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By default the webjump hotlist has the following which I use quite often:

M-x webjump RET Google
M-x webjump RET Wikipedia

How can I add 'Stackoverflow' to my list?

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Here's some example code in a webjump.el file on a site run by Apple:

;;   (require 'webjump)
;;   (global-set-key "\C-cj" 'webjump)
;;   (setq webjump-sites
;;         (append '(
;;                   ("My Home Page" . "www.someisp.net/users/joebobjr/")
;;                   ("Pop's Site"   . "www.joebob-and-son.com/")
;;                   )
;;                 webjump-sample-sites))
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You will need to find where you are setting your webjump-sites variable. This is probably your .emacs file. Then you'll need to add a pair to that alist as follows.

("stackoverflow". "www.stackoverflow.com")

A full example of what to put in your .emacs would be as follows.

(setq webjump-sites
   (append '(("stackoverflow" . "www.stackoverflow.com"))
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A general tip for looking up answers to questions like this one:

  1. Look up the help for a relevant function. eg. C-h f webjump
  2. In the top line of the help buffer, hit RET on the filename in which the function is defined. This will take you to the function definition.
  3. M-< to jump to the beginning of the buffer.
  4. Read through the documentation for the file. Typically (and in this case) this will include information on how to configure the feature.
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