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I'm following this article on how to get the battery status on a windows mobile device:


This works well when the PDA is not being charged; the % returns matches what is seen on the power screen of the PDA.

However when the PDA is charging, the % returned is 100. i've also compared all the class member values when charging and not charging and can't see anything I could use in place of BatteryLifePercent.

I can use ACLineStatus or BatteryFlag to detect if charging, but it would be great to show the user something like "Charging.. 88%" so they know when the charge has reached 100%.

Has anyone come across this before ?

Apologies if my prior searching was inadequate and the answer is here somewhere.. please let me know.


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The result you're getting is what the battery driver is providing to the power manager. If it's giving you 100% when plugged in (many do) then that's all the info you can get (unless the device OEM added some sort of proprietary API to query it, which I'd doubt).

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Thanks.. I guess that's the best I can work with. –  andrew May 11 '11 at 8:23
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