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I'm looking for a way to add Joomla user to custom table (PrestaShop - same database) - duplicate user on registration. So user will be able to login to Joomla and second script (PrestaShop) using same login information. Any ideas where I should start looking in Joomla files? I know, that custom user plugin will be a better way to achive user duplication, but now I'm looking for temporary hard-coded fix until I'll be able to write a plugin.

(Joomla 1.6)

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I would say you check JFusion… but it's not compatible with 1.6 yet. – Ahmad Alfy May 10 '11 at 11:00
I've tried JFusion but with no success – PsychoX May 10 '11 at 11:35
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See my answer to your other question here: Writing Joomla bridge - User plugin

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The other solutions won't let you save the passwords. If you are looking for saving the password as well then you will need to look into

components\com_user\controller.php function register_save() {}

Note: I have given with reference to joomla 1.5. It might slightly vary if you are using joomla 1.6

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