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does anyone have any ressource about how to detect web page structure ? ( page , title, .. ) i'm trying to develop a crawler in php that can detect if the page is an article or not, and it would be great if someone can help me by advising some ressources about this ? Thanks in advance

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I know python stuff well.

Feedparser and BeautifulSoup are both awesome.

Perl HTML parser is also great. I used it a while ago.

I know pho has one too, just search html parser for php on google. http://simplehtmldom.sourceforge.net/ looks promising.

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thanks for your reponses, but what i exactly meant is there any way to find out if the page crawled is an article / search result / contact page / ... i'm actually interested in crawling only articles and want to avoid parsing other pages. So it's maybe related to how to determin the context of the page by it's html template maybe ? –  user638564 May 10 '11 at 11:32
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I know it's a Java app, but you can use a SOLR server to index your documents.

It has an http API, and you can perform queries on absolutely anything...

It's pretty easy to use... You submit your HTML, it indexes it based on a schema you specify, and you can query your document base on criteria you define



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