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I have examples like this in my spec file:

it "does something", :separate=> true do 

for tests I want to run separately from others. These two command lines,

rspec --tag separate spec/models
rspec --tag @separate spec/models

both work to run only the tagged examples. However, I can't seem to exclude those examples. None of these work:

rspec --tag ~@separate spec/models
rspec --tag -@separate spec/models
rspec --tag ~separate spec/models
rspec --tag -separate spec/models

With the tilde "~" the tag is ignored entirely and all the examples are run. With the hyphen "-", rspec looks for a tag value of "-separate" or "-@separate" and generates a notice like

Run filtered using {:"-separate"=>true}
No examples were matched. 

(The documentation uses the hyphen while the output of rspec --help uses the tilde for negation.)

What am I doing wrong?

(RSpec-core 2.5.1, RSpec-rails 2.5.0, Ubuntu 10.04 32-bit running in VirtualBox)

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It looks like the tilde is the correct way to exclude tags, but it was bugged or not fully implemented in 2.5. Compare 2.6rc to 2.5.

Try upgrading to the pre-release 2.6

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Thanks for the tip. I haven't been able to try it since I can't get 2.6.0.rc6 to work with rspec-rails, so will just wait a while. – Mike Blyth May 11 '11 at 22:23
Seems it doesn't work either on 2.6 release – Chris May 16 '11 at 21:27

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