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The JSF navigation case has a display-name element. How can I look-up the value of this element from the current view - assuming the view was rendered from a navigation outcome?


    <display-name>I want to get this value</display-name>

I can't find much in the JSF spec about this nor anything useful in the reference implementation source code.

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That's not possible. The display name is purely for documentation. The NavigationCase class doesn't even have a getter for this.

Apart from homegrowing a faces-config.xml parser (not recommended), you could put it in a resource bundle instead and get from it. This also provides better internationalization possibilities.

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I figured as much after looking through some of the Mojarra code. I can understand the description element included for documentation purposes, but I can't figure why display-name is as well. It sounds like it should be "displayed" somewhere! – Andrew Wheeler May 13 '11 at 1:22

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