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I have a basic install of cake. I have added the path of the cake console to my profile. However if I run cake bake inside my app directory I get nothing but if I am above my web directory I am able to access the console but obviously none of my shells.


/mnt/dev/app # cake (returns me to new prompt)

/mnt # cake (gives me the console)

My path is set as: PATH='/mnt/dev/cake/console':$PATH


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How about this:

cd /mnt/dev
cake/console/cake bake all

Have you set up your database correctly?

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That just returns me to the prompt - database is configured correctly. App works, just not console/shells –  Nathan Watts May 10 '11 at 10:17

Maybe typing which cake at both these locations will give you more info.

In my projects, i have a file in de app root called cake with something like this in it:

/Applications/MAMP/bin/cakephp-1.2.8/cake/console/cake "$@"

This will allow you to use ./cake from the app root. The reason i use this is because i need different versions of cake for each project.

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