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I am going to write USB printer driver for Windows Embedded CE 6.0. But I dont know from where to start. Now I installed VS2005, patches of WinCE6.0, VS2005 team suite SP1, Platform Builder SP1, R2,R3.

Tell me how to start to write the driver, whether from VS 2005. In which application I am going to write the driver application. How to use platform Builder, how PB is helpful for me to write the USB driver.

I have Win CE 6.0 device is with me. Plz help me .

pcl.dll is not working for this device. plz tell me how to write driver, steps for it.

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If you want to plug a printer into your CE device, start with the source found on your PC at:


If you want your CE device to act as a printer, start with the source found on your PC at:


Clone the code to your BSP (do not modify the code in the locations above), make the modifications and then do the build/sysgen/makeimg as necessary. Iterate until you have what you want.

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