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I'm reading some GPS data (longitude,latitude) from a ServerManager class that stores it.

The reading is done in a background thread AsyncTask and is done stept by step .Each time I get a new point I put it on the map and I waanna draw a line between it and the last point represented.

Here is a part of my code:

GeoPoint p;

protected Void doInBackground(Void... voids) {

    try {

        while (true) {
            longitude = Integer.parseInt(ServerManager.getInstance()
            latitude = Integer.parseInt(ServerManager.getInstance()
            Log.d("Date citite de threadul AsyncTask", " ");
            p = new GeoPoint(longitude, latitude);

    } catch (Exception e) {
    return null;

protected void onProgressUpdate(GeoPoint... progress1) {


  if (geoPointsArray.size() > 2) {
            int length = geoPointsArray.size();

                    new myOverlay(geoPointsArray.get(length - 1),



in order to represent the points on the map I use :

public void theRouteDraw(GeoPoint p1) {






And for obtaining an overlay I use:

class myOverlay extends Overlay {

    GeoPoint gp1;

    GeoPoint gp2;

    public myOverlay(GeoPoint gp1, GeoPoint gp2) {

        this.gp1 = gp1;

        this.gp2 = gp2;

    public void draw(Canvas canvas, MapView mapView, boolean shadow) {
        super.draw(canvas, mapView, shadow);

        Paint mPaint = new Paint();
        Projection projection = mapView.getProjection();

        Point from = new Point();

        projection.toPixels(gp1, from);

        Point to = new Point();

        projection.toPixels(gp2, to);

        canvas.drawLine(from.x, from.y, to.x, to.y, mPaint);



My question:

Has anyone any clue why isn't any line drawn on my map???? Thank u:)

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try this :

class myLocOverlay extends Overlay { public myLocOverlay(GeoPoint gp1,GeoPoint gp2) {
   this.gp1 = gp1;
this.gp2 = gp2;

and update your onDraw function with this

Paint paint = new Paint(); Point point = new Point();
        projection.toPixels(gp1, point); Point point2 = new Point();
            projection.toPixels(gp2, point2); canvas.drawLine(point.x, point.y, point2.x,point2.y, paint);

you can add geopoint from you activity class

mMapView01.getOverlays().add(new MyOverLay(startGP,endGP));
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Is still not working,I have no line displayed:( –  adrian May 10 '11 at 21:31
@adrian : are you getting any error ?? –  JaiSoni May 14 '11 at 10:37
No no...just that the line is not drawn....in rest everything goes as expected:) –  adrian May 14 '11 at 16:24
@adrian : if you are not getting any error message then check you overlay class and its draw function, check that whether they are calling properly. try using break point and check logcats –  JaiSoni May 16 '11 at 5:38

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