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I've recently used this site to get the code to extract an array of property values from a list of objects (I've searched again and again and can't find the original post or help on the update :()

This is the result:

qtyArray.AddRange(plan.Components.Select(c => c.qty.HasValue ? (int)c.qty.Value : 0).ToArray());

Problem is, I have other properties i'm outputting into parallel arrays to pass to a datasource but would prefer to ignore any false 'active' properties. So for all the arrays do something like above, but only where c.active == true:

plan.Components.Select(c => c.qty.HasValue ? (int)c.qty.Value : 0 **WHERE c.active**)

Can anyone help?

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What about this:

plan.Components.Where(c => c.active).Select (c => c.qty.HasValue ? (int)c.qty.Value : 0 ) 

It should do the required filtering.

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That looks like the one, i'm sure there's a few more ways but this requires hardly any refactoring. A+. –  Phil Cooper May 10 '11 at 11:02
plan.Components.Select(c => c.qty.HasValue ? (int)c.qty.Value : 0 && (c.active == null ? false : c.active));

Take note though that it will assume that if active is null then active is false

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