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I am using WP eCommerce for displaying products in my website.I want to check the category name of each product displaying in the page.

    while (wpsc_have_products()) :  wpsc_the_product(); 
         //here I want to get the category name with respect to $product_id in which this product exists.

           my code continues...


Is it possible?

Please help me

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I looked into the bredcrumbs class and that helped me find a solution to a very similar problem that I had. Anyway, paste this code in and it will print out the category name for you.

function cdl_get_cat() {
global $wp_query, $wpsc_query;
$query_data = Array();
$cdl_post_id = wpsc_the_product_id();

$categories = wp_get_object_terms( $cdl_post_id , 'wpsc_product_category' );
//if product is associated w more than one category
if(count($categories) > 1 && isset($wpsc_query->query_vars['wpsc_product_category']))
    $query_data['category'] = $wpsc_query->query_vars['wpsc_product_category'];
elseif(count($categories) > 0)
    $query_data['category'] = $categories[0]->slug;

return $query_data['category'];
echo cdl_get_cat();

Hope this helps. I will be exploring this a bit more and will put up my results on my blog, http://www.consofas.com/


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Nope, it only outputs the slug. How do you output the name?? –  Dylan Gattey Jan 10 '13 at 10:51
Dylan, all you have to do is change $categories[0]->slug to $categories[0]->name. However there is a problem; If a product is associated with multiple categories (e.g. type/gender/etc) it will retrieve the most recently added applicable category, which may not necessarily be the category you are looking to display (I hate WP-ecommerce)...will keep you updated. –  zillaofthegods Jan 22 '13 at 14:58
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Best I recollect, they're stored as posts, so you can use the normal category api. get_the_category(), off the top of my head, should yield the list of terms.

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