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The best auto-complete can do is match word characters. For example: auto-complete will only match $longvariablename in a previously used variable, $longvariablename[$i]{'key'}. I would like to configure auto-complete, or any other emacs el file to match the entire variable.

As a last resort, I'm going to have to learn lisp #shudder#.

Thanks in advance.

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It's not 100% clear which you want... you want it to complete all the way to the closing } ? –  Wes Hardaker May 10 '11 at 13:12

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You can customize hippie expand.

For example the following customization expands all strings until a space or a semicolon.

(defun try-expand-perl-extended-var (old)
  (let ((old-fun (symbol-function 'he-dabbrev-search)))
    (fset 'he-dabbrev-search (symbol-function 'perl-extended-var-search))
        (try-expand-dabbrev old)
      (fset 'he-dabbrev-search old-fun))))

(defun perl-extended-var-search (pattern &optional reverse limit)
  (let ((result ())
    (regpat (concat (regexp-quote pattern) "[^ ;]+")))
    (while (and (not result)
        (if reverse
             (re-search-backward regpat limit t)
             (re-search-forward regpat limit t)))
      (setq result (buffer-substring-no-properties (save-excursion
                                                     (goto-char (match-beginning 0))
                                                     (skip-syntax-backward "w_")
                           (match-end 0)))
      (if (he-string-member result he-tried-table t)
      (setq result nil)))     ; ignore if bad prefix or already in table

Don't forget to include your custom function into make-hippie-expand-function list

(global-set-key [(meta f5)] (make-hippie-expand-function
                                 try-expand-dabbrev-all-buffers) t))
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