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OK - I've got sharekit working well, but when I connect to facebook - the actual share page doesn't come up - just the full facebook mobile facebook site.

Anyone experience something similar? Do I need to call it differently?

I've tried this:

[SHKFacebook shareImage:imageView.image title:@"I found a trolley!"];   

and I've tried this:

UIImage *image = imageView.image;
SHKItem *item = [SHKItem image:image title:@"I found a lost trolley!"];

[SHKFacebook shareItem:item];

What I really want is a "post to wall" share.

Thanks in advance for any assistance.


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Make sure you're using the development branch of ShareKit/ShareKit which will then use SHKFacebookForm to post item's of type SHKShareTypeText.

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Are you sure you have everything set in SHKConfig.h file? I've been having few issues like this until I set the SHKConfig.h file properly.

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