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I have a small application where users can login and do whatever they do in there. The database structure regarding users is nothing fancy. There are three tables:

  • users
  • groups
  • user_group_relation
  • Now, How can I get a list of all the groups together with membership status for an array of users?

    Let me clarify this by an example.

    David is member of 'users', 'administrators', 'economy'
    Erik is member of 'users', administrators'
    Richard is member of 'administrators'
    Lisa is member of 'administrators', 'economy'

    Here is the result I would want from an sql-query

    users   ......................  someAre  
    Administrators..........        yes  
    Economy ..................      someAre  
    Sales   ....................... no
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    select g.GroupName,
            when count(ug.userId) = (select count(*) from users) then 'yes'
            when count(ug.userId) = 0 then 'no'
            else 'someAre'
        end as HowMany
    from Groups g
    join UserGroups ug on g.id = ug.groupId
    group by g.groupName
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    SELECT  g.name,
            WHEN mcount = 0 THEN
            WHEN mcount = ucount THEN
            END AS isEveryOneAMember
    FROM    (
            SELECT  COUNT(*) AS ucount
            FROM    users
            ) u
            SELECT  group_id,
                    COUNT(*) AS mcount
            FROM    user_group_relation ug
            GROUP BY
            ) ug
    JOIN    groups g
    ON      g.id = ug.group_id
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    Sweet. Looks really nice :) I will try it out emideatly. –  David May 10 '11 at 11:52

    Assuming there are no duplicate group names:

    WITH rollcall AS (
      FROM groups g
        CROSS JOIN users u
        LEFT JOIN user_group_relation ug ON g.id = ug.group_id AND u.id = ug.user_id
      GroupName = name,
      isEveryoneAMember = CASE COUNT(user_ud)
        WHEN 0        THEN 'No'
        WHEN COUNT(*) THEN 'Yes'
        ELSE 'someAre'
    FROM rollcall
    GROUP BY name
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