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I need to replace all the files contained in a dir with all the files that exists in other.

This would be a pseudo code for this task:

  foreach (string file in /foo/var)
    srcFile = "/other/dir/" + GetFileName(file);
    Copy(srcFile, file);

I need to replace the file only if exists in both /foo/var and /other/dir. Also there are files that exist in /foo/var and do not exist in /other/dir and vice versa.

What is the best way to do it with NAnt? Any help would be appreciated.

Thanks in advance

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This should do the job. It will only look at files in the root target directory and ignore subfolders. It will need a bit more work if you want it to include files in subfolders

<project name="Sync" default="sync" xmlns="">

  <property name="source.path" value="D:\test\source\" />
  <property name="target.path" value="D:\test\target\" />

  <target name="sync" description="Copies only the matching files to a folder">
    <foreach item="File" property="targetFile">
        <items basedir="${target.path}"> <!-- include all files from the target path -->
          <include name="*" /> <!-- this will not include subfolders -->
        <if test="${file::exists(source.path + path::get-file-name(targetFile))}">
                file="${source.path + path::get-file-name(targetFile)}"

I tested it with Nant 0.86

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I think you could pretty much use your pseudocode example. See the foreach task and the copy task. And the path manipulation functions.

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