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Before I call Close() on my WCF service, should I check to see if it is not already closed?


myWCFService.State != System.ServiceModel.CommunicationState.Closed

My code looks like:

MyServiceClient myWCFClient = null;

  myWCFClient = new .....();
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A WCF client is disposable, so except for a few caveats you can use using:

using(MyClient client = new MyClient()) {
    // etc

But there is a big problem with this; the Dispose on the WCF client actually throws if it is faulted (losing the original exception). There is a good workaround, here, or I've blogged on this here.

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Take a look at this question: What is the best workaround for the WCF client using block issue? Although it isn't word for word what you are looking for, I think his examples will help you out.

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