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I'm using the plugin acts_as_audited on the User model. So i have the following in user.rb -

class User < ActiveRecord::Base

I know that the plugin acts_as_audited works, as it has its own unit tests.

I want to stub the call of "acts_as_audited" in my own specs, as everytime I create a user or make changes it to, acts_as_audited does its thing, and audits every change.

My tests would run much faster if I could stub out the acts_as_audited call so that it doesn't hit the database.


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I don't think there's anything built-in to acts_as_audited to stub the plugin, but there was a feature request to do so:

One solution is to write a hook to avoid writes to the DB if a static class variable is false:

module CollectiveIdea::Acts::Audited::InstanceMethods
    def write_audit(attrs)
      self.audits.create attrs if auditing_enabled && Audit.auditing_enabled?

class Audit
  @@auditing_enabled = true
  def self.auditing_enabled?

  def self.disable_auditing
    @@auditing_enabled = false

  def self.enable_auditing
    @@auditing_enabled = true
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