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Did any one Know about Renderscript in android 3.0

Also i want to know the difference between OpenGL and RenderScript

if you know provide me some good example or demo link


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There isn't a great deal of information. I assume better documentation is forthcoming at some point. But for the moment I think this is the bulk of it:

I think the docs explain how OpenGL and Renderscript work together.

And definitely check out the samples.

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Also i want to know the difference between OpenGL and RenderScript

Both a renderscript and openGL are used for getting high performance graphics and animations.But still openGL is the best option to get high performance graphics because it is well documented and you will have more control over the GLSurfaceView.But in renderscript some of the classes are depreciated in the current versions .Its almost not possible to make a RSSurfaceView to transparent.

some of the example for OenGL here

for renderscript you can find here

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