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i am trying to create a table dynamically in such a way the generate code be like this:

        <table id="TblInvoiceList">

    <tr class="white"><td colspan="2"><p>bla bla<p></td></tr>


Here is my code:

createTable: function () {
    var lastRow = $('#TblInvoiceList tr:last');

    var newRow = $('<tr>');
    newRow.append($('<td>').text($('input.Name').val()), $('<td>').text($('input.GrossAmount').val()));

    var hiddenRow = $('<tr>');
    hiddenRow.append($('<td colspan="3">'+ '<p>').text('bla bla'));

But de generated code doesnot have the

tag for the td cell with colspan. How can i generate the following:

<td colspan='2'><p> bla bla </p><td>  
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With .append() you can put html in directly, so you could do:

var someText = 'bla bla';
hiddenRow.append("<td colspan='2'><p>" + someText + "</p></td>");
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