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I am trying to implement simple chat application for android. The concept is, users have to register and login to their account and can chat with each other. And i implemented the server side logic for registration kind of thing.

Can anyone please tell me the simplest and the most efficient way to design a chat application...

Please do the needful.

Thanks, Sai

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I would use the Google Talk API to build an XMPP client. That way, registration &c. are handled for you; you don't have to worry about maintaining a user database, connectivity, uptime, and so forth.

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Sai, The simplest way to make chat application is to make through web services. If want to make using web services then let me know,i will guide you step by step.

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can you guide me i want to implement chat in android through services???? i really need it – Murtaza Mehmood Feb 1 '13 at 14:14
Can you provide helpful data for implmenting chat using webservices. – kaibuki Jun 5 '13 at 5:52

You can use xmpp protocol for simple chat application which is supported by smack api.

Please look at the link. OUTDATED SAMPLE


Updated code of above tutorial is here

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If you are looking forward to implement chat functionality in your application, maybe this Post can help you.

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you can build your own chat app with opentalkon chat api https://github.com/OpenTalkOn/OpenTalkOn-Android-Chat-API

opentalkon api is very simple.

  • Message Send You can easily send message with doSendMessage(TADataHandler handler, Long room_id, String msg, Long transact_id) method.

  • Message Receive You can easily register handler for receiving message with setClientInterfaceMsgHandler (MessageHandler handler) method.

I recommend to use opentalkon api!

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