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I am interested in writing a small automatic trader for the forex market. I would like to chose my own tools (platform and programming language) and I just need to find a decent API to query the numbers and that accepts requests for trading actions. I guess the ideal would be some web service with a XML API, or similar.

Any ideas?

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Check out the InteractiveBrokers API or the Cunningham T4 API. Both are really good, although I'm not exactly sure T4 allows forex trading.

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MT4 is the industry standard. It allows simple interface through .dll files and has an extensive support base.

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except it's a desktop client, that won't work if you want to run an online system I suppose –  Christopher Thomas Dec 24 '14 at 14:10
DLL files are compatible with .net so you can run them on a .net webserver. –  Luke Feb 22 at 12:44

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