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Ever since I upgraded to Netbeans 7, the font size for the GUI (and the icons) are much smaller. Is there any way to increase their size?

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This wiki page about changing font sizes in NetBeans is the best answer available.

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For anyone else experiencing a similar problem in the future. To change the font size of the GUI as originally requested, try the following:

Edit the netbeans.conf file found in the /etc directory of the Netbeans installation directory

Look for netbeans_default_options=" ... "

See if --fontsize is included in between the quotation marks and if so, you should see a size after the --fontsize (ie 12), just change this to another larger number to suit you

If --fontsize is not included in between the quotation marks then add it to the end, just before the closing quotation mark (ie --fontszie 14), using a size that suits you

You will need to experiment with different sizes until you find the one that suits you.

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Here you go from Menu - Tools/Options Tools/Options

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This is just for the font size in the editor, not the UI as requested. – Andrew Dinmore Apr 1 at 11:36

Go to Tools/options/fonts&colors

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This works for the code itself, but how can I change it for Netbeans' GUI? – Teknophilia May 10 '11 at 14:24
@Teknophilia WoW You accept the same answer! – SjB Apr 4 at 12:49

Hit Shift and scroll up and down to change font size

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