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I am reading from the history database, and for every URL read, I am downloading it and storing the data into a string. I want to be able to determine if the link is a download link, i.e. .exe or .zip for e.g. I am assuming I need to read the headers to determine this, but I don't know how to do it with WebClient. Any suggestions?

while (sqlite_datareader.Read())
    noIndex = false;

    string url = (string)sqlite_datareader["url"];

        if (url.Contains("http") && (!url.Contains(".pdf")) && (!url.Contains(".jpg")) && (!url.Contains("https")) && !isInBlackList(url))

            WebClient client = new WebClient(); 
            client.Headers.Add("user-agent", "Only a test!");

            String htmlCode = client.DownloadString(url);
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Instead of loading the complete content behind the link, I would issue a HEAD request.

The HEAD method is identical to GET except that the server MUST NOT return a message-body in the response. The metainformation contained in the HTTP headers in response to a HEAD request SHOULD be identical to the information sent in response to a GET request. This method can be used for obtaining metainformation about the entity implied by the request without transferring the entity-body itself. This method is often used for testing hypertext links for validity, accessibility, and recent modification.

Quote of

See these questions for C# examples

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You're on the right track; you'll need to examine the ResponseHeaders after a successful request:

var someType = "application/zip";
if (client.ResponseHeaders["Content-Type"].Contains(someType)) {
    // this was a "download link"

The tricky part will be in determining what constitutes a download link since there are so many content types possible. For example, how would you decide whether XML data is a download link or not?

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That's true. Perhaps there is a way to check the size of data before download? However, seeing as I don;t have much time, .exe, .zip and .rar will suffice. Thank you – michelle May 10 '11 at 13:39
ok still, I will need to download the string or get the response stream..the reason why i want to filter out .exe etc is so that i won't need to download them. unfortunately not all links contain .exe in their URL and so i will need to see response header :/ – michelle May 10 '11 at 13:55
You could try using DownloadStringAsync() instead. Then as soon as you have the headers you can determine what to do with the content and either cancel or allow the download to complete. – Yuck May 10 '11 at 14:17

Try to check WebClient's ResponseHeaders collections to validate response file type.

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In case, anyone has the same problem, I have used an attribute in the history places.sqlite database which came in very handy!

Places.sqlite contains a table called moz_historyvisits which contains a column visit_type. According to [1], a visit_type of 7 is a download link. Therefore, reading this value will determine if it is a download link without reading the response header or even sending out a head method.


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