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How to encrypt HTML, CSS and JavaScript to prevent theft

Is there any technique in PHP language, or some software available to encrypt the html code that is seen while clicking on view source and view generated source on browsers.Can the code be encrypted to binary strings ie( 0 and 1) format.

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Yes, but it won't work. –  SLaks May 10 '11 at 13:43

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People will always be able to get to your html - even if you did find some way to obfuscate / hide it, maybe using javascript, anyone can always use wget or similar to view it.

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In a word: no. You can make the HTML ugly by removing whitespace, but the browser needs to be able to read it! You can obfuscate your Javascript pretty darn well by removing whitespace and newlines and using short or crazy variable names: for example see here.

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No. You can obscure it a bit, but in the end your browser needs to read it, and it reads HTML.

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No. The browser needs valid HTML to display the document. There is no way to encrypt HTML.

The whole world is serving pages that are not encrypted, so it stands to reason it's not necessary, either.

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