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I want to route the same address, e.g., 'http://server/path' to different controller actions depending on the request type, whether it is a GET or POST request.

How can I do that in Rails?


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get "/path" => "controller#get_action"
post "/path" => "controller#post_action"
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I think you could do this:

match '/path' => 'controller#action', :via => :get
match '/path' => 'controller#another_action', :via => :post
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+1 was about to suggest the same ting – DanneManne May 10 '11 at 13:48

Generate a resource using the Rails scaffold and you'll see how it should be done:

./script/generate scaffold Person name:string


Got downvoted so maybe I should expand my answer. The scaffold demonstrates how to build a RESTful resource. By convention, a POST will map to the create method in the controller, a GET will map to the index method (or the show method if an ID is present), etc. All you need add to your routes.rb is:

resources :people
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