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Hi I'm new to JPA and I think I have an issue with my mapping annotations I'm using hibernate 3.6.1 final with JPA 2

Here are my class :

    public class Resident {
        @OneToMany(orphanRemoval = true, mappedBy = "resident")
        public List<ResidentInfo> infos;

    public class ResidentInfo {
        @ManyToOne(optional = false)
        public Resident resident;

When I try to save data for the first time, all is working perfectly.

However when I try to update a record by using save() method, the parameter orphanRemoval seems to don't be applied.

For instance if infos was a list of 4 records, and I update it by removing 2 records, the 2 records removed are not deleted from the database

I also have another issue, when I try to add an element to my list infos, then I don't have error, but the elements added are not recorded in the database.

In order to record datas I simply use, maybe I'm wrong ?

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  1. Don't you forget to add

    @Column(name = "resident")

    to the ManyToOne relationship ?

  2. Are you using something like



    session.getTransaction().commit()` ?
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