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can any one provide me of a very sample custom layoutrenderer for nlog ?

I want to make indentation while im logging , by example

if im calling Method B from Method C

the Text log file goes like this :

Inside Method C
       Inside Method B

and so on.

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here it is:

    public sealed class IndentationLayoutRenderer : LayoutRenderer
        // Value to substract from stack count
        private uint _ignore = 12;

    // Value to pad with.
    private string _ipadding = "| ";

    /// <summary>Set the number of (top) stackframes to ignore</summary>
    public uint Ignore
        get { return _ignore; }
        set { _ignore = value; }

    /// <summary>Set the padding value</summary>
    public string IndentationPadding
        get { return _ipadding; }
        set { _ipadding = value; }

    protected override void Append(StringBuilder builder, LogEventInfo ev)
        // Get current stack depth, insert padding chars.
        StackTrace st = new StackTrace();
        long indent = st.FrameCount;
        indent = indent > _ignore ? indent - _ignore : 0;
        for (int i = 0; i < indent; ++i)



            NLog.Config.ConfigurationItemFactory.Default.LayoutRenderers.RegisterDefinition("IndentationLayout", typeof(IndentationLayoutRenderer));
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Do you know if I can configure the LayoutRenderers in nlog.config file? – Radu D Sep 28 '11 at 14:17
StackTrace might not report as many method calls as expected, due to code transformations that occur during optimization. - MSDN. I would consider creating static Indent, UnIndent methods which take a Logger as well as having a private static Dictionary<Logger.LoggerName, IndentLevel>. Then in the Append, check the dictionary using LogEventInfo.LoggerName to get your IndentLevel. – jberger Jan 26 '12 at 21:39

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