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At my current place of employment, on my Windows box, when I do an ipconfig /all from my command prompt I see that I have both a static IP address as well as a dynamic IP address. Why could that be? I am trying to diagram our network structure for a new software project that I'm on...knowing the answer to this question could help out a lot.

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You have multiple NICs and are multi-homed?

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These are from different interfaces. You could be on a VPN, have a wireless connection, or have 2 network cards.

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Or have a VMWare/VirtualBox client running. –  Paul Tomblin Feb 27 '09 at 15:14

One possible reason is if you need to have multiple host names/IPs for a computer with a single NIC. See this link for more information. Personally I can't see why this would be necessary, but it seems that Windows does provide a means to do it anyways.

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