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I have an ObservableCollection of objects. I have a PagedCollectionView constructed from the ObservableCollection which is bound to a listbox.

When I call Remove on ObservableCollection PagedCollectionView throws an the ArgumentOutOfRange exception. Paramter:Index

What must I do to Remove an item from an ObservableCollection that is used this way.

Update: This issue may be related to the following bug reported on Microsoft Connect If that's true, then is there a workaround?

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Have you tried RemoveAt? Do you have the same problem?

Annoying question: Do you need PagedCollectionView? (Are you using paging in your listbox?)

The best solution is to use Remove or RemoveAt on the actual PagedCollectionView, however. (If you do indeed even need it)

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I have one collection of data, that needs to be displayed by two different lists. I'm using the PagedCollectionView for its filtering, and sorting (not it's paging) If there is something better to bind to I'm all for it. –  Ralph Shillington May 11 '11 at 12:01
In your case, you should try to use the Remove(At) of the PagedCollectionView. I suspect your problem has to do with some of the items being virtualized away. You'd probably be best to stick with Remove, that way you don't have to worry about the indices. –  Kir May 12 '11 at 12:12

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