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i have a Spring Batch application, which i start with the CommandLineJobRunner. But now i have to embed this application into our corporate environment. There we have an own Launcher application which i have to use. For this launcher application i need a startup class with a main method which will be called at startup and where i would have to launch Spring Batch.

Is the only way to manually assign a JobLauncher and run the Job with this launcher or is there a class in Spring Batch which would support that (or do someone know a sample)?

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Yes, you can launch your job programmatically. If you see in the source of CommandLineJobRunner, the main method just create a Spring context and use the launcher to run the job. So you can do this in your new application.

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JobLauncher can be used to invoke the Job programatically. JobLauncher can be autowired in your Servlet/Controller if you're looking for a way to trigger jobs from a webapp:

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Link is not working. –  nilsi Dec 19 '14 at 10:56

To execute spring batch manually you have to configure SimpleJobLauncher and you have to create Tasklet then only you are be able to execute manually.

so below blog will help that contains all basic configuration to execute you batch job manually.

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