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we have several projects in our company with many dependencies among them. we have gathered our projects (EJB,Web, Enterprise Application and ...), on a SVN server, now we have difficulties with our projects, because after checking out a project from SVN, we have to waste a long time to gather the required libraries and projects for the checked-out project to build.

i want to some help about that, how the maven technology could help us to easily gather the dependencies and build our projects automatically. we use myeclipse IDE.

moreover i need some help and resources, to learn how to achieve this goal.

any guide and help will be appreciated. thanks in advance.

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Depending on the amount of projects you have, and how complex their build is, switching to Maven can be a hell of a task. It might still be worthwhile, mainly because Maven forces you to do things "the Maven way"1, and that such a "Maven way" is becoming more standard with time: you might end up with a simplified/more standardized build procedure.

If your projects are currently built using ant, chances are that ivy can quite more easily solve your problem of offloading JARs from your VCS system, with a minimal impact to your current build configuration.

Otherwise, if you really think Maven is the right tool for you, I strongly suggest you to have a look at the official tutorial, the POM reference and start playing with simple, self generated projects to start having an idea about how to deal with Maven. Using the archetype:generate mechanism you have access to dozens (hundreds?) of sample projects (archetypes, in Maven jargon) that illustrate you how to deal with different kinds of projects, from simple JAR to more complex ones, maybe leveraging exotic frameworks or products. Have a look at the generated POM for such projects and try to understand how it works.

Integration with Eclipse is achieved via two different plugins. I'm not using Eclipse anymore since quite a while, but I think m2eclipse is still probably the best one to start with.

1- WARN: his is one of the things people coming to Maven heavily dislike more often than not

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