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How can I load images dynamically in place of cell data in a report in Oracle Application Express?


A table has 'Y' and 'N' entries. When I display it as a report, I want to use certain images according to the data in the table. If it's a 'Y', display one image and if it's a 'N', display another image.

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You can do this:

select id, 
       htf.img (case when flag='Y' then 'yesicon.png'
                                   else 'noicon.png' end) flag_icon
from   mytable
where  ...

You probably need to add a path for the filenames e.g. '#WORKSPACE_IMAGES#yesicon.png' etc.

If you will be using this a lot it would be worth building a function to simplify it:

select id, 
       mypkg.yesno_icon (flag) flag_icon
from   mytable
where  ...
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