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Is it possible to export an SVN directory while ignoring certain file extensions? (Say, .cpp?)

I need to export my header files, which contain my library's symbols, to some other folder where I'll zip them up along with the finished static/dynamic library products. Normally I'd just move the header files up a level in the directory and use the --depth option, but a few of the headers #include other required headers deeper in the directory.

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  1. Export svn repository
  2. Go to the exported directory
  3. Run from command line (to copy *.h files only):

find . -name \*.h -print | xargs cp -t pathToYourDestinationDir/

I tested to .php files:

find . -name \*.php -print | xargs cp -t ../test2/

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This doesn't work for me; I get "Illegal option --t." – Maxpm May 10 '11 at 15:47
I got it to work, but there's a simpler way: find ExportedDirectory -name \*.cpp -delete – Maxpm May 10 '11 at 15:54
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I couldn't find a way to selectively export a directory, but what you can do is export it normally and then run the following on the new directory:

find NewDirectory -name \*.Extension -delete

This will remove all *.Extension files.

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